Non-trivial tour guide and travel advisor Daryna Venger

Фантастичний Southwark + Tate Modern gallery

I adore contemporary art, because it does not convey reality (as the classics do), does not answer questions, but on the contrary — asks them and creates a background for us to think. After the tour, you will be able to maneuver more confidently on the waves of conceptual art, or at least not be afraid to look at it and form your own opinion.
The Tate Modern gallery is the most visited attraction in the UK. More than 5 million people pass through its hospitable doors a year. Two buildings, thousands of square meters and many floors. How not to get lost in this space and not miss all the most interesting and important things? I know Tate like the back of my hand and will be happy to help you navigate it and spend time not only fun, but also useful.
The tour will begin with a detailed analysis of several paintings created by artists of the early XX century and helping to understand where abstraction’s legs grow from.
In addition, we will talk about conceptual art, minimalism, modern sculpture, installation, performance art and, of course, Museum photography. We will be accompanied by works by Mondrian, Goncharova, Picasso, Rivera, Matisse, Klein, Rothko and many others.
What is the difference between Asian, American and European art? Is there a difference between the works of men and women? What materials can be used to make a sculpture in the XXI century? How to decipher Cubism? What is concept photography? How to perceive a performance if no one is singing or dancing in front of us? How to look at the Blue Square? Together, we will find answers to these and many other questions from the category «everything you wanted to learn about contemporary art, but were afraid to ask».
Summing up, we will discuss your favorite works, take photos in the most beautiful corners of the gallery, and also go up to the observation deck with beautiful views. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Shard, orphan girl, Walkie-Talkie, cucumber and Westminster Abbey — all these architectural brands will appear in the palm of your hand.
In the second half of the tour, we will see the Sozark area. We will see places of execution, a debt prison, pirate sites and a cemetery of prostitutes. And, of course, serial murders, ghosts, and beer with blood in the pub.