Non-trivial tour guide and travel advisor Daryna Venger

Canary Wharf + Docklands museum

To begin with, we stock up on a delicious breakfast and coffee in the fragrant Three Colt Gallery. It is from here that we will go for a walk around the Canary Wharf area — a relatively new area in London, built in the 1980s and 1990s. It quickly became the center of business and finance, and although it is so young, many famous historical figures already live or have lived in it, so we will be able to better see their favorite places! Let’s talk about Margaret Thatcher — the former British Prime Minister — who lived in a luxury apartment in the Pan Peninsula development complex in Canary Wharf from 2001 until her death in 2013.

Here we will discuss conspiracy theories about George Soros, looking through the windows of his office. I’ll show you a place where he can easily be met live, as well as Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, and Sir Stuart Rose, director of Marks & Spencer. Let’s discuss properly the biographical secrets of these people, and the amazing stories of their brands! We will not let go of Lord Sugar, the star of The Apprentice, and Martin Sorrell, the CEO of the advertising agency WPP. If you are a fan of Will Smith, his water brand Just Water is also here. And Nicole Kidman, an Australian actress shot scenes for the TV series «Doom» in Canary Wharf in 2019 and bought herself a «small» penthouse here too!

In the second part of the tour, we will go to the Museum of London Docks, located on the West Indian Embankment, which tells the history of the River Thames, the growth of the Port of London and the historical connection of the docks with the Atlantic slave trade. The museum’s gigantic collection in a 200-year-old warehouse will help me tell you about the history of the Port of London from the Roman settlement to the development of Canary Wharf! The prolonged history of the capital’s maritime past is revealed through the history of trade, migration and commerce in completely unexpected faces and facts!

In the third part of the tour, we will talk about the technical designs of London docks, the most famous and oldest fish market in Europe, the class in seafood, and the unusual fate of royal hounds. We are expecting mini golf and minimalism, the dystopia of globalism, and a lot of street sculpture. Also here are the most interesting buildings of modern architecture, which I simply must tell you about!

For lunch, we will go to a smashingly beautiful garden! The Norman Foster Crossrail terminal at Canary Wharf doesn’t just have the architectural prowess and convenient transport links to recommend it – it also has a Big Easy (third in size after Big Easy Covent Garden and Chelsea) occupying a third of its top floor. With views of the entire Canary Wharf, the adjacent Crossrail Garden and live music every evening, it’s a great place to have a drink in both summer and winter. To eat? There is a bar with oysters and cheese so that everything is in accordance with modern fashion, as well as a lot of barbecue meat. They are determined to do everything here in a truly American style: it’s not just about huge portions, they have also installed three huge American-made smokehouses. The restaurant also boasts a huge open kitchen and the largest banquet hall in the UK.