Non-trivial tour guide and travel advisor Daryna Venger

King’s cross + British library

We will begin from Word On The Water — The London Bookbarge — an out-of-this-world beauty of a barge moored right on the London canal! And the canal itself will amaze us with its beauty and atmosphere.

Together we will discuss why a rope was used to sleep on a bench and which building can withstand an18 ton-strength explosion and has bulletproof glass, why all pedestrians in London cross on red, and how the British invented fast food back in the 15th century (and most importantly why?). Of course, I will try to surprise you with the fact that the area has begun to develop actively due to chickenpox and show you amazing trains running under the English Channel! The most beautiful hotel in London and a monument to the last kiss are waiting for us, and the famous author of «Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy» and the author of «Treasure Island» (by the way, do you remember them?) will accompany us in spirit around the area. We will talk about the history of jazz, stand-up, and drug addictions, because London will be the one who created these phenomena! And of course (finally!) you will be able to tell your friends where Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne are hanging out in London!

What better place to start a literary tour of London than a library? Originally part of the British Museum, the library moved to its current location on Euston Road in 1998, moving its collection to an area of 1.2 million square feet. With over 150 million items in its collection, including 4,000-year-old manuscripts, the British Library is the second largest library in the world after the Library of Congress. Literature lovers should head to the Sir John Ritblat Gallery, to the right of the main entrance, to see the library’s stunning archival collection, which includes the Magna Carta, the Gutenberg Bible, original copies of Beowulf, the Canterbury Tales, Jane Eyre, and Shakespeare’s First Folio, as well as selected works from Jane Austen to the Beatles.

But this is only half of our tour! After the library, we are waiting for a beautiful area of Kings Cross and places from the story of Harry Potter! We will visit both places where J.K. Rowling experienced the key moments of her biography as an author and places from books and films about the famous boy who lived. Then we will go to the designers’ quarter around St. Martin’s University. Let’s talk about the legends of the university, and see the places of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. What inspired them, what fueled their creativity — everything is here! We will walk along the Regents Canal and discuss the unique King William the Third, who attempted to build a Holland in England. We will see a unique bookstore on a barge and take a walk through a unique gas storage facility. We will taste, smell, touch, and take pictures! Are you with me?

For lunch, I will invite you to the cheese Mecca — an indecently flavourful, delicious, and gourmet to the highest standard place. After all, cheese is, in fact, a new drink and addiction to it can only be satisfied down in a Cheese bar. The founder of the bar, Matthew Carver — very carefully thought out the design of this his first permanent establishment. Beneath the burlesque club at Camden Market, an elegant rectangular marble counter dominates the intimate space. Sitting here is sexier than anywhere else, under the smell of brie, with low lighting, and with a band of friendly and relaxed bartenders who will tell you about the cheese-only menu. This menu reads like an erotic story for gourmets – be careful not to salivate!