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Meaningless buildings in Paris

Space «Abraxas» Clos des Aulnes 93160 Noisy-le-Grand
A concrete residential complex in the east of Paris, striking in its scale, became famous again a few years ago. The young architect Laurent Cronenthal, author of the series of photographs»memories of the future», restored his popularity. And in 2014, the architectural ensemble became the decoration of the «Hunger Games». Now music videos and guided tours are being shot there.

Abraxas was created in 1983 by E Ricardo Bofill. It includes 600 apartments located in three buildings: a semicircular «Theater» in the West, a small «Arch» in the center and an 18-story «Palace» in the East. Inside there is a large garden in the form of a Greek amphitheater.

In 2014, the postmodernist called his utopian ensemble a failure, despite its technical success. According to the plan, the complex was supposed to increase the prestige of the young city and solve the problem of resettlement of migrants. But the construction did not transform the city and did not attract a young population. «Abraxas» remained a mistake of the architect, went down in history