Non-trivial tour guide and travel advisor Daryna Venger

Exhibitions autumn 2022

Karoly Schnimann at the Barbican
September 8 — January 8, 2023

The UK’s first large-scale retrospective of the works of American artist Karoly Schnimann will open this autumn at the Barbican Gallery. Schnimann was one of the brightest experimentalists of the last century and still remains an icon of feminism, as well as a reference point for many contemporary artists. Her early paintings, experimental sculptures, immersive multimedia installations and innovative performances will be presented in the halls of the Barbican Gallery.

Damien Hirst at Newport Street Gallery
September 9 — January 1, 2023

Первую выставку NFT-работ одного из самых богатых художников современности Дэмиена Херста под названием «Валюта» (The Currency) откроют 9 сентября в Newport Street Gallery. Коллекция из 10 тысяч работ, которую презентуют в галерее, была создана Херстом еще шесть лет назад. В прошлом году художник выставил ее на продажу, предоставив покупателям выбор: оставить NFT или обменять «цифру» на физическую версию. В итоге, 4 851 коллекционер пожелал оставить себе токен, а 5 149 владельцев – получить оригинальные работы. Картины тех, кто решил сохранить NFT, будут сжигаться прямо на выставке — в определенное время каждый день. Следить за расписанием и новостями можно на сайте галереи. 

Frieze Sculpture Park in Regent’s Park
September 14 — November 13

The Frieze Art Fair will once again transform London’s Regent’s Park into a huge open-air gallery of contemporary art. For visitors, the sculpture park will open a month before the exhibition, on September 14, and will work almost until mid-November. As usual, it will be absolutely free to look at the works of artists such as Alicia Quade, Hugo Rondinone, John Wood and Paul Harrison.

«Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design» at the Design Museum
October 14 – February 19, 2023

The Design Museum, located a stone’s throw from Holland Park, also plans to update temporary exhibitions this fall. Its visitors will find an exhibition that will tell about the influence of surrealism on design — from the birth of the movement in 1924 to the present day. The showcases will feature works by Salvador Dali, Dora Maar, Man Ray, Leonora Carrington, Lee Miller, as well as Schiaparelli, Dior and Bjork. The project will be supervised by the German Vitra Design Museum. In addition, two more expositions will open at the Design Museum in September: one will be dedicated to the history of the Van Cleef jewelry house & Arpels, the second – to the British-Nigerian artist and designer Yinka Ilori.

Maria Bartoshova at Tate Modern
September 21 — April 16, 2023

Another retrospective of works, this time by Slovak artist Maria Bartashova, will open on September 21 at the Tate Modern Gallery. The exhibition will tell about the sculptor’s work since the 1960s, when she, inspired by games with her little daughter, began experimenting by casting plaster by hand into rubber balls and creating abstract figures from it. The unique and inimitable shapes she sought resembled raindrops, seeds, human bodies, cocoons or nests. And in the 1980s, Bartashova began photographing her creations in natural conditions, emphasizing their connection with the rural landscape. Some of her photographs will also be presented at the exhibition.

Lucien Freud at the National Gallery
October 1 — January 22, 2023

The first retrospective in the last ten years of Lucien Freud — the master of psychological portrait and grandson of Sigmund Freud — will combine the works created by him over seven decades of artistic practice in the halls of the National Gallery. Using the example of more than 60 paintings — from early intimate works to large—scale canvases and monumental portraits — it will be possible to trace how his work changed, as well as try to unravel the phenomenon that allowed Freud to become one of the most expensive and shocking artists of our time. Tickets for the exhibition can already be ordered on the museum’s website.